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Support for the ddos protected server (EU)
« on: Friday, December 01, 2017, 12:06:47 PM »
If you would like to keep the ddos protected servers alive, the following options are given:
-   Donate as you like to pay the server costs
-   Rent a server with 32 slots for 20 Euros per month (prepayment)

The total amount for each month to pay for the protection:  Euro 292.40.

The goal for December 2017 is reached!
The goal for January 2018 is reached! And because it was more then needed, the goal for February will not be that high again. A big hug to all the donators who did help to get this game again up and running with almost none disruptions.

And the goal for February 2018 to reach:

Rent a server:

As you can see, for donations and for renting a server, it is now the same donation pool. Be sure you do declare the donation if you will rent a server (which clan or user). Then it is easier to configure it or to release it again.

And here you go for detailed informations:

ps: the lags are gone, servers are running perfect now - and protected :)
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Re: Support for the ddos protected server (EU)
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Na ich hoffe es wird ereicht :style:

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Re: Support for the ddos protected server (EU)
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