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Title: Shoutbox
Post by: General_alkos on Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 20:52:13 PM
normal conversations between players but players will not be in ao2 anymore

SF][-General_alkos 12m [ASSIST]
remember my words !!a single game is aao2, no modification of the game let alone AAPG.there is no more worthy and fairer game than any new and presently present.go play aapg, a lot of hackers,etc..Remember, turn off this game, you'll never play a similar game.you complain about aao2 and now you do not play, it's empty
-=LGC=-LegionQC 19m [ASSIST]
yes alkos i understand friend :)
=CPD=NagitoKomaeda 27m [ASSIST]
Apparently everyone gets banned for outrageous reasons. Id say thats a good reason to have empty servers and players losing their interest. lol
SF][-General_alkos 30m [ASSIST]
all the games were ddos.aao2.285.aapg.but one is the only ao2 and is dead. no player.npr.vas three are shifted with 285 now at 2.5 assist and only the three of you and no one will come.,.I do not know to whom you are writing to shootbox (hospital on tonyjoe open for some fun :) :) LGC Tony Joe server) no players, I hope you understand what I wanted to say
=CPD=NagitoKomaeda 32m [ASSIST]
I also like domination mode on 285 but I dont remember if it requires a mod to activate.
=CPD=NagitoKomaeda 34m [ASSIST]
Playtronics: The bad about 285 is the introduction of different glitches like wallclimbing and permaflash. Also, it only supports Windows by default. Ofc you can always try WINE or something like that but I have had no need to try. The good things consists of way more, varied maps. quickswap, proneclipping and other bugs/glitches fixed. Most of the maps have better hitbox thus not making you get stuck in places you shouldnt and shoot through them as it should instead of being blocked. Bots are far more unpredictable than players and thus represent a better challenge (at least nowadays). Co-op mode. More balanced effects on nades (mostly in thermite and flash). Access to mechanics you usually dont have in 2.5 like making door breachables in any map or landmines on maps like MOUT. Smooth sound. Vehicles. Shadows are not disabled. ANd the list goes on. Since I knew people played 285 still I havent been feeling like playing here anymore. And that was waaaaaaaay before LGC. LGC just killed it. Btw, will you be in cross-server battles this weekend?
-=LGC=-LegionQC 50m [ASSIST]
hospital on tonyjoe open for some fun :) :) LGC tony joe server
freelosophy 1h [ASSIST]
i started to read the chat box thread adn when I scrolled how long the message were and how many there are I deicde to play instead :)
Dandelion 1h [ASSIST]
it efffects the network hardware and te bandwidt not the game server its self
Dandelion 1h [ASSIST]
in lost and confuseds defense his servers (LGC) servers do have good hardware and it is a gig connection so it would take a strong DDoS attack to really do the job but certinly not in any way DDoS protected and games have nothing to do with DDoS that happenes to the ip that the game server is running on
Dandelion 1h [ASSIST]
and 285 is diffrent there are over 400 maps currently and some are coop with ai to fight and some are pvp it is very much worth checking out no matter what side u choose to play on
Dandelion 1h [ASSIST]
well i can tell u that losts and confused servers are 100% not DDoS proof as there runnning on a Fios connection in his house but all official fallen servers are 100% DDoS safe and u can go to our website and click DDoS protected at top to see proof of thhat
TheSilencer 1h [ASSIST]
Honestly, what is the 2.8.5 game play like? Is it very different from 2.5?
-=LGC=-Playtronics 1h [ASSIST]
Please excuse any grammatical errors
Playtronics 2h [AAO25]
I want to share a little history lesson about moving to new versions, I was part of the QUACK guild, they had a large guild and every night we had a full server, mostly pipelines since QUACK was based on being a Close Quarters Combat Guild, they made the very wide decision that they wanted to move the entire guild to America's Army: Proving Grounds, most of the guild moved, I did not, I hated that version of the game, not long after the entire guild collapse for my understanding, None one in the older version anymore and none in the Proving Grounds arena. So was the move worth it?
Playtronics 2h [AAO25]
it appears to me that we are going to end up with 3 versions of AA, Dividing the whole community. The only reason I have consider using the new 2.8.5 is because I been told that DDOS attacks are not possible in that version, I hope that it is true because other that I don't see it being worth it to divide the tiny AA community we have left. I been here since the beginning and I would hate to see the final nail in the coffin in this game be this multi-version split of the game because at the end we are all going to loose. I don't enjoy shooting bots, it lame and it requires no skills, not that I have any ways but at least it worth a try versus a human player. My 2 Cents.
SF][-General_alkos 2h [ASSIST]
Yes, really, there is not one single player on the server!my server has been paid for another two months,after that I suspect that I will continue the service and play..first killing us ddos, second, division of games and players,Of all admins, only Tedy_medy remained .I have nothing against aapg or 285 but aao2 is aao2!!In the end we all came from ao2..Bok
Dandelion 2h [ASSIST]
anyway im going to continue doign my work on 285 for the community and im going to stop opening assist anymore since most 25 is lgc and all i hear out ya mouths is noise and no body likes it when lil jits scream
82nd_H2P_2LT=Pain 3h [ASSIST]
nevertalks 3h [ASSIST]
2.8.5 ^^
BookofJudges 3h [ASSIST]
Too bad all the REAL PLAYERS moved on. Never had these problems...
=IGC=-=W!CK!D 3h [AAO25]
Laughing my fucking the ass off same old drama on his old ass game laughing my motherfuking ass off
SF][-General_alkos 3h [ASSIST]
a lot of bickering-only one is aao2, so play while you play with anybody, because they are empty servers
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
iv said my peace sorry for blowing up chat box guys
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
and to anyone lookingg to start your own clan if u find you are in need as we have been for a week now we will gladly provide you with a FREE clan game server hosted on our dedicated machines we are here to help in anyway we can to encourage bringing the game back the only paid thing ever discussed was ranks for extra perks in some of our games ect some of it would not even have to do with aa but if u wanted stuff like admin rights in the fallen ones public server u could get that for donating on said month ect so if thats pay to play then so be it
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
all this could have been me coding to continue to make 285 great for all of us but rather iv had to spend last 12 hours managing the drama of legion and badboy from discords to the forums to shoutbaxes far and wide truely just unprofessional honestly i hope you as a community see through people like them and see what the people like them before them have done to us and our game i strongly advise you all to leave LGC AND START YOUR OWN TEAMS dont come to my servers dont come to my clan thats ok. but for the sake of all this work we have done and this game start your own stand strong and make americas army great agian and get rid of temertantrum throwing little brats cuz we have seen and heard about enough of that for one lifetime in this fucking game
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
also u should get a job or a girlfriend or something this obsession with me is well its kinda creepy
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
with that said while i find your backstabbing and slander rather childish i will continue to move forward wishing you the best and should we see u in scrims we will enjoy playing tbag on your forheads like always
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
what do i know right :D
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
any way moving past that enjoy spreading slander were gonna go back to helping aa live again and working on the game. that if i may add we have already put over a hundred bucks into in just 1 week. becasue we love it and want to see it grow and prosper. in the single night we were apart from you our client has moved leaps and bounds ands thats something u will never have because... you work for a selfish leader who makes choices based on his feelings and desire for control and the momnet that he percieves or feels that control is threatned he simply destroys the threat without even determining intent. meanwhile none of us are even looking at his "control" nor do we care about it were here to game and see something live all its own but hay
Dandelion 4h [ASSIST]
for the record legion no one was ever going to charge for the game or to play u are twisting that 100% out of context secondly no body wants you over here dude your a little bunny rabbit just following orders i dont need boxed in minds like that here and lastly above and beyond all else it must be sad living in a world where your life is so empty that you are stillllllll talking about us i mean damn thats sad ur personality canges from hour to hour the last day have been amazing but look i think badboys calling u better run home now little buddy
=CPD=NagitoKomaeda 5h [ASSIST]
I already voiced my opinion on LGC but you saying for people to not namecall is just ironic and hypocritical lol #doublestandards
Just stop lying then
-=LGC=-LegionQC 5h [ASSIST]
no need for name calling dash
Your an idiot it is not for the game dumbass
-=LGC=-LegionQC 5h [ASSIST]
like i said u do what u guys need to do and me and LGC stay on vanokees version case closed
-=LGC=-LegionQC 5h [ASSIST]
i have screenshots of you fallen ones BOSS saying these affirmation ... i dont need anything else to proove what i SAY
LMAO Wow you are really desperate to be spreding all these lies when I am right here! Nobody pays to play this game is you do you are an idiot! We Fallen-Ones does not charge for anything! And Badboy and you are a dictatorship! Cause it is your way or Banned from discord and all servers!
-=LGC=-LegionQC 5h [ASSIST]
i have screenshots if anyone wanna see ..... need to pay to have a tracker ? need to pay to see not dedicated fallen ones servers ? if no pay no tracker and only play fallen ones server ? one word dictatorship
So how does it feel to be just a translator for Badboy! Cause that is what badboy said you are just a translator for him and his Clan!
Where are you gatting this pay stuff? What are you talking about?! You need to stop lying nobody is paying anything to play this game!
-=LGC=-LegionQC 6h [ASSIST]
have fun playing in you pay to play version dash :) cheers :)
Legion It is NOT your clan it is badboys and he is going to kill this game with his bull and take you down with him! So have fun with that!
If you want to download 2.8.5 go to Fallen-Ones discord we have full download for free!
-=LGC=-LegionQC 6h [ASSIST]
me and my clan will stay on the OBAN/vanokee version you guys do what u wanna do thats it
-=LGC=-LegionQC 6h [ASSIST]
someone his trying to blowmind people into paying players to have an auth system and tracking system ..... for 2.8.5
-=LGC=-LegionQC 6h [ASSIST]
you left LGC cause you got offered the game for free .... somebody his trying to charge people shortly to use there system ... THATS A NO ...
-=LGC=-LegionQC 6h [ASSIST]
for once we agree LOL
Legion who is charging money to play the game? I don't know why you are sperding lies! But I am Very disapointed in you! What happened every body! I left LGC then they banned me from every thing( REAL MATURE) So I satrted my own Clan ! You and BAdboy need to stop your crap or you are going to kill this game again!

these messages will disappear tonight, so let everyone see, maybe some people understand what ao2 is until it's too late

someone said :) Bots are far more unpredictable than the players and therefore pose a better challenge (at least today.)
The robots are the opposite of what you say. When you know all the maps you know where to go, shoot at you and everything else!
Title: Re: Shoutbox
Post by: WraShadow on Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 22:01:52 PM
I dont understand the point of this thread but I will reply to your opinion on the bots since I was the one who mentioned it.

Sometimes you just open a door, or see a pixel of the bot around a corner, or plenty other situations, and get headshotted. Players never kill me like that, bots do. It doesnt matter if you know the map or not. Their positions change and they move. Players are easy to predict and, even if you dont know how to read the players, they make a lot of noise when they move so you should never get surprised.

Also, smokes and flashes dont affect bots' "sight", only damage, which means you'll get shot through smoke and you will not even see them.
Title: Re: Shoutbox
Post by: General_alkos on Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 22:11:31 PM
I played a lot of cards to 285 but robot is a robot (predictable) and man is man..
for me unparalleled in everything !!
Title: Re: Shoutbox
Post by: WraShadow on Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 22:19:55 PM
I dont understand the cards part but I think I do understand the rest. You're saying a program's behavior is consistent and humans are not. I wont argue with that if we're talking about a ERP vs an accountant since the human can make mistakes or just have a different way to go about things.

Software can have bugs though and this is a game. Players are campers in most fps and since I always play the what I consider to be the aggressive team (Assault, Ambush, Black, West), I feel like 99% of them (defense) camps which means they're always doing the same thing. The easiest thing to predict is human fear, even in a stupid game, especially in this game. And, like I said, they dont headshot coz they point to the knees or chest. Sure, you can stand in front of a bot for 10s and they miss you completely and players wont but you can be passing through a small corridor gap and the bots headshot you from 40m or more away. Im yet to experience that with players.
Title: Re: Shoutbox
Post by: [F.U.N]Cpt on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 16:56:04 PM
Alcos, I learned to pay no attention to the ass anymore. he's kidding you. do not feed him anymore and I think it will pass after some time. greeting+