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Re: America's Army 2 Remake - Army Ops in development
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I had some time today and did work on Army Ops even if it wasn't planned to this month.
I was able to add a "simple" but powerfull and flexible Class Selection.


There are currently 3 different classes available for each team:
- Assault
- Medic
- Scout

At the current time classes serve only the purpose to have different weapons and player models and no ther mechanics. Even if one class is called Medic, there is currently no Medic System implemented (but will come).

Everything is very early work in progress and nothing of the classes is final. It's just a early test filled with placeholder content.

What my goal is:
I want to bring back the medic system like in AA 2 with the class and loadout system of Proving Grounds.
I'm getting rid of the Squads as they didn't make a big difference in gameplay and choose the more flexible version of Proving Grounds.

Why? Because it's more flexible and allows to setup different gamemodes a lot easier.


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