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Re: PB Restrictions error
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Alex, can you check out you pb-log (C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\25Assist\armyops\System\pb\pbcl.log)?
What is written in (maybe you have to activate the logging there)?

I had once - only once - an entry like this:
[11.06.2020 16:56:25] pb_LogToFile = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes)
[11.06.2020 16:56:25] pb_SsLog = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes)
[11.06.2020 16:56:25] pb_SsSave = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes)
[11.06.2020 16:56:25] Screenshots: W=640, H=480, X=50%, Y=50%, Srate=1
[11.06.2020 16:56:25] Changing PunkBuster homepath to [C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\AAO\pb\]

and this means to me, that pb really do make changings on the settings ....

there is also another thing that could be the reason. Teddy did also a new windows installation and it was successful, no kicks at all he did say. the strange part of that is the pb version that he was running.
PnkBstrA - v1033
PnkBstrB - v2.243 AAO

but we do have this version running (with kicks):
PnkBstrA  PunkBuster Service Component [v1041]
PnkBstrB PunkBuster Service Component [v2.243 AAO]

there is something on the punkbuster end, that works strange. [N.U.F]Cpt did say above, that he did the new install from windows 10 also, but did not run the pb process manualy. instead only the installation done by 25assist. maybe this is a try, install new windows and install 25assist?

another thing that is strange:
other players and myself do have entries in the pb logfile like this (only when get kicked):

[11.06.2020 22:44:30] Connected to Server
[11.06.2020 22:44:33] WARNING: PB Kicks for Name Spamming and Name Stealing and Non-standard Characters and Locked Names on this Server
[11.06.2020 22:44:33] Receiving from PB Server (w v1.793 | A1371 C2.243)
[11.06.2020 22:44:33] Connected to Server
[11.06.2020 22:44:40] PnkBstrA successfully loaded PnkBstrB
[11.06.2020 22:44:44] PnkBstrB service installed and started successfully
[11.06.2020 22:45:25] PnkBstrB service installed and started successfully

this seems to me like pb is trying to load the part that get us kicked twice, and this is for sure not normal. there must be an error from pb trying to do this. but the reason ?
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