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2.5 Crashes on MAC | HELP!
« on: Monday, December 14, 2020, 20:04:46 PM »
Hi Guys,
I'm really hoping someone can assist me here. I had to recently reformat my mac, long story short, I downloaded AA 2.5 but for some reason it crashes on me when I go to a server and select "join". It was working up until last week for me... Can anyone help if I provide the Log file for the crash?

In short - the download does what it does. I then go to actually play but it crashes. So I quit assist and start it back up. It then pops up and tells me there are files partially downloaded so I resume or restart which then seems to me it gets hung up on "Downloading Mac OS X Intel Wrapper". Looks to be all good since it finished the process but then I cant click the menu etc. or even get to server list.

*UPDATE* 12.12.20 "Intel MAC Wrapper NOT INSTALLED". So anything I do, I cannot get this to install. Is there a workaround?

*UPDATE* 01.10.20 For anyone running this game on a mac. When you download the installer file and open 2.5 Assist cancel the download and go to Settings and choose AAO2.5 Server. Close the application and open it back up and install following the steps as you normally would. Solved my issues. Sourceforge is the culprit.
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